Must I Sign Up For Medicare When I Turn 65 If I Receive Health Care Through The Department Of Veteran Affairs?

According to an AARP article by Patricia Barry (author of AARP’s Medicare for Dummies) the answer is no, but the VA Strongly recommends that you do.

Several reasons why you should have both:

  • VA health benefits are not set in stone. So if funding levels ever change, your coverage could change as well or you could possibly even lose your health benefits altogether.
  • Having both Medicare and VA coverage could save you lots of money if you need urgent care a long distance from a VA facility.
  • If you don’t enroll in Medicare when you are first eligible and decide you want to enroll later on, you’ll need to pay permanent penalties for signing up late. (For Part B that comes to 10% penalty added to your premium for every year you delayed. For Part D that comes to 1% penalty added to your premium for every month you delayed, if you didn’t have credible coverage.)

AARP Bulletin Oct 2014 Page 35

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