Medicare Advantage - Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Switching Plans

If you are satisfied with your existing Medicare Advantage plan, then generally there is no reason to switch plans. However, there are some reasons that may make better sense to change from your existing Medicare Advantage plan to a new Medicare Advantage plan. Although, just changing plans for the sake of change is usually not a good idea. The reason is that you may be already familiar with your existing plan benefits, plan rules, and how your existing plan works. With a new plan you may have a little learning curve getting used to the new Medicare Advantage Plan rules.

Some reasons to switch Medicare Advantage plans could be:

  1. A benefit that you would like to have in a plan that is not currently in your existing Medicare Advantage plan, but is offered in a different Medicare Advantage plan. Just some examples of benefits you may want, could be benefits like: Dental, Vision, Hearing, Gym Memberships, OTC benefits, travel benefits that allow you to pay in-network when outside of your local area, etc.
    Note: Make sure that there aren’t higher monthly premiums or higher copays for the new plan or other costly surprises
  2. A doctor or group of doctors is not in your existing plan’s network, but is offered in a different Medicare Advantage plan’s network. (Although, be sure all your other doctors are also in the new plan’s network as well.)
  3. Your total out of pocket prescription drug costs in a new Medicare Advantage plan would be lower than with your existing Medicare Advantage plan.
  4. Your total out of pocket Medical expenses for doctors, hospitals, etc. in a different Medicare Advantage plan would be less than in your existing Medicare Advantage plan.
  5. You are not happy with the customer service of your existing plan.

Don’t fall for TV ads or other marketing that seem almost too good to be true, since usually there is catch and then you may be locked into that new plan for a year! It is best to thoroughly know what you are getting into before enrolling.

I highly recommend before making any switches to talk it over with an experienced independent agent (such as myself) that is familiar with multiple Medicare Advantage plans, to get their advice and/or suggestions and help you with the switch to another Medicare insurance plan. By the way, it doesn’t cost you any more if you switch Medicare Insurance plans through me as an independent agent, or go directly to the insurance company. So why not get the personalized service by a local agent, then try to do it all yourself?

Note: Medicare Insurance information can be overwhelming and confusing to many people. As an independent licensed agent I can explain things to you in simple terms so you feel comfortable making a decision. Then I can help you choose and enroll in a plan that you feel fits your needs.

By the way, it doesn’t cost you any more if you enroll in a Medicare Insurance plan through me as an independent agent versus directly with an insurance company either over the phone or via the Internet, since I get paid by the insurance companies for your enrollment. Plus you will have personalized service by a local agent. If you would like my assistance, please call me at 941-404-5334.

By calling this number, I understand I will be directed to a licensed insurance sales agent.

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