Medicare - The 5 Most Asked Questions Since The Election

I read this informative AARP Bulletin January/February 2017 article and thought I’d share it.

Below are the five most asked questions regarding Medicare since the election and some partial answers:

  1. I’m already on Medicare. Could I really lose my coverage or see it radically altered?
    For people currently on Medicare, there is no immediate threat to your coverage. The most widely discussed plan proposed by House Republicans would not go into effect until 2024.1 (For full answer click below to read entire article.)

  2. Reforming Obamacare seems to be an important early goal of the Trump administration. How could that affect my Medicare coverage? 
    The ACA made a number of improvements to Medicare—including closing the gap in drug coverage (the “doughnut hole”), adding free preventive benefits and cutting excess provider payments—that improved the financial stability of the program….If the entire health care law is repealed, these improvements would be lost.1 
    For full answer click below to read entire article.)

  3. Isn’t Medicare at risk of going broke within a few decades? For the sake of grandkids, don’t we have to make some changes?
    Medicare is not going broke: The program can pay full hospital benefits through 2028.1 
    For full answer click below to read entire article.)

  4. I’ve heard about the voucher-type plan that House Republicans hope to implement soon. How would this plan change Medicare?
    The “premium support” plan put forward by House Republicans represents a dramatic change: It would move away from guaranteed benefits and instead provide older adults with a set amount of money (similar to what has been called a voucher) to buy health insurance from private companies.1 
    For full answer click below to read entire article.)

  5. I’ve been paying payroll taxes for Medicare for many years and thought I was guaranteed coverage. Can the rules be changed now before I’m old enough for Medicare?
    Current benefits are set in law for today’s beneficiaries. But Congress can revise the law at any time to change the benefit guarantee, raise the age of eligibility and require higher cost sharing.1 
    For full answer click below to read entire article.)

To find out the answers to the above questions, click on the web link below:

1. Source: AARP Bulletin January/February 2017 “The 5 Most-Asked Questions” article on page 38.

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