Life Insurance - How To Save Money When Buying It!

If you are on a budget and can only afford a certain amount for life insurance premiums each month, some of the tips below may help.

  • Buy life insurance now! The premiums only increase as you get older. In addition, the longer you wait, the more risk of developing a health condition that could increase your premiums even more, or disqualify you altogether from purchasing traditional life insurance.

  • Have an independent insurance agent (such as myself), shop quotes around for you through a large number of top rated insurance companies. The same exact amount of coverage with exact same type of life insurance for yourself with one reputable insurance company, may be a lot less then another.

  • If you desire permanent life insurance but you are on a budget, you may consider less expensive term (temporary) life insurance for a specified number of years. Or you could even choose a combination of both term and permanent in the meantime at a lower cost, until you can afford all of your coverage to be permanent life insurance. If you purchase a term life insurance policy now, generally you can convert it to a permanent life insurance policy later as long as it is converted within the given timeframe specified in your term life insurance policy.

  • You can also reduce the premium amount by decreasing the death benefit amount. Then as long as you stay healthy, you can add more life insurance coverage later on when you can afford to pay more.

  • Lastly you can additionally reduce the premium amount by decreasing the term length. The shorter the term length, generally the lower the premium. Then as long as you stay healthy, you can add a new term life insurance policy with a longer term length or permanent life insurance later on when you are able to afford to pay more later on down the road.

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Note: Life Insurance information can be confusing to many people. As an "independent licensed agent" I can explain things to you in simple terms so you feel comfortable making a decision. Then I can help you choose a life insurance policy, from many choices of different insurance companies, that you feel fits your needs. Plus if you choose to work with me you will have personalized service by a local agent that can shop premium quotes for you. If you would like my assistance to discuss and/or start the process of getting you insured please call me at 941-404-5334.