Private Home Care Could Become More Common For Elders

A different approach to Long Term Care that many might not know about is Private Home Care, where the atmosphere can be more personalized and less regimented. Also they can be a whole lot less expensive than a nursing home or assisted living facility. However, be sure to check out the actual Private Care Home before making any decisions as they are the only type of Long Term Care residence for elders that are not regulated by the state. The homeowners can not host more than two elders at a time, and do not have to meet the rigorous requirements that apply to group home and assisted living facilities. So as they say "buyer be beware," but in this case “renter" seems to fit better. 

Along with less expensive costs, also comes along the potential for abuse which can increase since their isn’t really any state government oversight. Just like any major decision do your research upfront first. It may be a good fit if the Private Care Home is a clean, well cared property, along with thoughtful, kind, courteous, conscientious, honest, and experienced caregivers. To read more in this Herald-Tribune article by Barbara Peters Smith click on the link below.

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