Don’t Ignore Your Social Security Statement

I found this MarketWatch article by Kerry Hannon ( to be very informative. It briefly guides you through your Social Security statement and tells of the importance of actually reading it.

The article mentions that if you receive your statement from the Social Security administration, don’t just toss it out or file it away unread. It is very important and probably one of the most crucial financial planning documents for every American to review and understand. 

For those of you that didn’t get a Social Security statement in the US Mail in a long while, you can set up an account at and log in online to find the same information.

The main reason to read your statement (whether a paper copy that came in the mail or electronic version by logging on and viewing online) is to give you an idea how much you can expect to receive from Social Security, which will depend on the age you apply for benefits. This information can help you decide when to start claiming your Social Security benefits.

It is also very important to verify that your earnings record information is correct. If your earnings record is incorrect, you may not receive all the Social Security benefits you are entitled to receive.

It read the full article, click on the web link below.

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