How To Pay Less For Prescription Drugs

I just read several articles with good tips on how to save money on your prescription drugs.

Read the actual articles in web links below to get all their tips.

However below are just some of the tips: (Some tips I feel are common sense. Others are good tips you may not know about!)

  1. Use generics when possible.
  2. Shop around.(Drugs costs can vary by hundreds of dollars at different pharmacies, even within the same town!)
  3. Some warehouse clubs such as CostCo and Sam’s Club tend to have low overall prices and you do NOT need to be a member to get those low prices!
  4. Try smartphone apps (or simply go online if you don’t have a smartphone.)
    Some of the apps or websites you may want to check out are: GoodRx, Blink Health,, and
  5. Use Discount cards when not using health insurance. Also instead of just using your insurance, still check to see if the discount card prices are less then your insurance copay or coinsurance amount, and/or deductible.
  6. Ask for free samples from your doctor to help reduce your costs.
  7. Some pharmacies or grocery store chains even offer free generic drugs. (Or at a very reduced cost, anyway!) Generally those types offered for free or reduced cost are some antibiotics and some diabetes medications.
  8. Make sure to “Ask” the pharmacist directly for the cheapest price, including if you didn’t use your insurance, but instead used coupons or discounts. (Note: Many drugstores/pharmacists have a "gag clause” which doesn’t allow them to offer you the cheapest price, unless you ask for it!)
  9. Know your insurance coverage. Find out in advance whether your prescription drug is in your plan’s formulary. Also what tier level your drugs are. Ask your doctor if there is a less expensive drug that does the same thing and is suitable to your needs.
  10. Sometimes, but not always, ordering by mail can be less expensive. Be sure to check, some plans actually charge more for mail ordering though.
  11. Use a pharmacy in your plan’s network. Otherwise, your prescription may not be covered.
  12. If your plan has preferred pharmacies, try to use the preferred pharmacies to save even more money.
  13. Ask your pharmacist and doctor if ordering a larger dosage and then splitting your pills is safe. (Note: Some pills are time released or have other reasons not to split them, so be sure to ask first!)
  14. Patient assistance programs offer free or reduced cost medications to low income, and sometime to the uninsured. Can’t hurt to ask them!

Click on the 4 web links below to read the articles:

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Sources: Consumer Reports, AARP, CNN, and MoneyTalkNew

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