Social Security - 12 Top Things to Know

After reading an AARP Bulletin article by Kenneth Terrell, I wanted to share what he considered the 12 top things to know about Social Security and he busts some of the incorrect myths about Social Security.

Below is quick bullet point list:

  • Social Security is not going bankrupt
  • Congress probably will not take up Social Security reform anytime soon
  • Some ideas to reform funding are starting to take shape
  • Lawmakers do not raid the trust fund
  • Many believe it can be run better
  • Your Social Security benefits can be taxed
  • Social Security is not meant to be a retiree's sole source of income
  • The purchasing power of social security is diminishing
  • You can work and get Social Security
  • Social Security has gone digital
  • Social Security is not just a retirement program
  • Most people get back more than they put in

For details on each of the bullet points above and to read the entire article, click on the web link below:

Source: AARP Bulletin November 2, 2018 Article by Kenneth Terrell

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