Why Do Some Consumers Procrastinate Buying Life Insurance?

Many people are likely to delay the purchase of life insurance or additional life insurance for several reasons, just a couple of which are:

  1. They just don't understand what type of life insurance to purchase or how much coverage they actually need. They think it is just too complicated.

    Response: A couple of the most important parts of buying life insurance is determining how much you need, and the type of life insurance. I provide a "Free Needs Analysis" service to help you determine the type of life insurance and your actual coverage needs. If you are local, I can come right to your home or business to make it as convenient as possible for you. If you are out of the area, I can discuss with you by phone.
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  2. Some folks feel they have other current financial priorities and think they can't afford Life Insurance at the present time, which is a very scary short sighted point of view that may come back to haunt their loved ones in the possibly near future should the insured pass away unexpectedly before they feel Life Insurance is a priority to purchase.

    Many people overlook the bigger picture when determining if they can afford life insurance. They are concerned with their immediate outlay for premiums versus the bigger picture of the benefits that life insurance can provide for their loved ones when they are no longer able to provide for them. For example, if a family is living from paycheck to paycheck, how would their family survive losing the breadwinner's income or in a more typical situation, losing just one of the two income providers? With life insurance, it gives you piece of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of financially in your permanent absence. One other thing to keep in mind if you truly can't afford the full amount of life insurance coverage that is recommended, at least start with a smaller amount of life insurance. That way you should be able to add more life insurance later on, depending on your health, etc. Then your loved ones will at least have some coverage, rather than nothing at all, in the event of an unexpected passing of a bread winner.

  3. They don't think it is a necessary thing to start the process now. So why now?

    Response: Because changes in health can happen, it can make it impossible for you to obtain coverage later o
    n, or at the very least cost you a lot more if you even qualify. Or worse yet, an unexpected accident or other catastrophic event causing death happens before you get life insurance.

    Even if you can still get insured at a later date while still healthy, as you age it will still cost you more to purchase the same exact coverage!

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Delaying your decision to purchase Life Insurance

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