Long Term Care Insurance - Indemnity vs. Reimbursement

Traditional reimbursement long term care insurance policies in general pay benefits based upon the actual expenses you incur. With a traditional reimbursement long term care plan you may have to submit care provider bills, you may be limited to the type of service that you can be reimbursed for, as well as the amount you can receive each day. Be sure to check out the exclusions section, and what is not included in your plan.

There is another type of long term care insurance policy that is an “indemnity” plan, which instead pays a monthly cash benefit directly to the policyholder, regardless of the expense incurred. (No monthly bills or receipts are needed to be submitted. However, the policyholder will still need to be benefit eligible, receiving covered services, and under a plan of care.)

If interested, below is a web link to a short video titled "Understanding Long-term Care: Indemnity vs. Reimbursement” that also explains the difference. Follow along reading the screens in the video, while also listening.


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