How To Simplify Sorting Out A Loved One’s Estate

I stumbled across this informative MarketWatch article by Bill Bischoff entitled "Sorting out a loved one’s estate is more work than you think — how to simplify the process” and thought I’d share.

Some of the things he explains in the article:

  • The role of the executor
  • How to determine if you need a “professor" executor?
  • If you decide to be the executor, he lists some of the skills you will need.
  • Determine if the estate must go through probate. (Hopefully Not!)
  • You’ll need to get a death certificate. (Get at least 5 originals)
  • Married couple’s revocable trust probably needs updating (If applicable)
  • Selling a high-end home. (If applicable)
  • Miscellaneous other items.

To read the entire article, clink on the web link below:

Source: MarketWatch online:

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