Medicare Insurance Plans - Do Agents Charge Clients Fees?

Do Agents Charge Clients Fees?

This is a common question I am asked as an independent insurance agent. The answer is that independent agents are paid directly by the insurance carrier if you enroll and NOT by the clients’ themselves. (Please Note: Independent Medicare insurance agents do not work directly for the Federal government.)

Your premiums will be exactly the same whether you enroll online, or submit an application via US Mail, versus enrolling with an independent agent. However, if you enroll with an independent agent you get the extra benefit, at no additional cost, of a face to face meeting where an experienced independent agent can present and explain impartially the different insurance companies Medicare insurance plans; such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. Additionally you can get your questions answered at that time as well. I generally present several different Medicare insurance plans, unless the clients requests a plan by name specifically, but I never steer my clients towards one plan or another. After I present the choices I carry, I let them choose what they feel is best for their particular circumstances. One particular plan doesn’t fit all. It is an individual choice that best fits your needs.   

With that said above, since independent agents are only compensated based on whether you enroll with them or not, I usually mention to my prospects that if they liked a plan I presented and the way I treated them to please enroll through me directly when they are ready. Since some folks don’t realize that fact and after I spend my time and knowledge with them they could inadvertently sign up online or through the US Mail with that same exact insurance carrier. Then I wouldn’t get paid at all. So as a courtesy and to be fair, I ask clients if they like a plan I presented and they way I treated them, to please enroll through me directly.

Note: Medicare Insurance information can be overwhelming and confusing to many people. As an independent licensed agent I can explain things to you in simple terms so you feel comfortable making a decision. Then I can help you choose and enroll in a plan that you feel fits your needs.

As I mentioned above, it doesn’t cost you any more if you enroll in a Medicare Insurance plan through me as an independent agent versus directly with an insurance company either over the phone or via the Internet, since I get paid by the insurance companies for your enrollment. Plus you will have personalized service by a local agent. If you would like my assistance, please call me at 941-404-5334.

By calling this number, I understand I will be directed to a licensed insurance sales agent.

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