Life Insurance - Delaying Your Decision To Purchase

Deciding to delay your decision to purchase life insurance until later can turn out to be a costly decision or even a disastrous mistake! Since it will cost more to purchase later on. There is also a possibility you may not even be able to be approved as you age and/or your health deteriorates due to an unexpected sudden illness or accident, which at that point you could become uninsurable. I’m guessing you probably know somebody that has passed away over the years that didn’t have any life insurance and how it affected their surviving family members. So don’t take a chance to possibly let that happen to your loved ones, act now!

Keep in mind that life insurance is a subject most people don’t like to think about and many tend to put off making a decision as long as they can! So often times they delay purchasing a policy, until it is too late! It may always tend to seem like the timing just isn’t right to purchase life insurance for one reason or another. Examples: You are just too busy to purchase life insurance at this time. OR It is not in my budget at this time. Accidents and illnesses can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. So unless you start the process while you are initially looking into getting life insurance, your loved ones may not be protected when they need it most!

Life Insurance can provide an instant tax free estate in your absence, heaven forbid something unexpected should happen to you. 

The gist is that waiting to purchase life insurance later on only worsens the matter by at best, making your premiums more expensive and at worst, you may not even be able to be approved later on even though you are ready to purchase then.

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Why do some consumers procrastinate buying life insurance?

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