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If something were to happen to you, what would happen to the people most important to you?

You don’t wait until you have an accident to buy auto insurance, same thing should be true about buying life insurance. If you think about it, what is more important your home, your car, or yourself? You insure your house for probably $250,000 (or whatever the value of your house is worth), so why not insure your life for the same amount or more? Some people could go their entire life without their house burning down or getting in a car accident, but yet they still purchase those types of insurance without really thinking about it. However, unfortunately you literally can’t go the rest of your life without dying sooner or later. So it is wise to purchase life insurance now while you can. (approval will depend upon your health.) Keep in mind as you get older when applying for life insurance your premiums will only increase with age, and that is if you can even still get approved since your health could deteriorate by the time you finally decide to apply in the future!

A life insurance policy can “create a TAX FREE instant estate” to help protect your beneficiaries financially after you are no longer around to provide for them. It is especially important to have good coverage if you have dependents that count on you financially. Of course, we hope that bad things never happen! But just like home owners insurance and auto insurance, life insurance protection is there for peace of mind if/when your beneficiaries ever need it and if they don’t need it, even better yet! That protection is of course, only if you act now and get a life insurance policy in place.

No matter how well you provide for your family today, if you don’t have life insurance their financial future may be at risk. Think about what would happen if you were gone!

Nobody really wants to leave their family unprepared for the future. Planning now can help protect the promise of your family's future. 

So don’t wait another day, start the process now! Protect the people most important to you before it is possibly too late, by calling me at (941) 404-5334 to get free life insurance quotes from top carriers!

As an independent life insurance agent, I have access to shop a large number of Life Insurance companies to search for the best quotes available to accommodate your needs, saving you time and money so you don't have to shop multiple places! Plus you will get personalized service with a real live person at no extra cost, with similar savings of other direct web quote sites. The difference is that you will get personalized service with me and still get the best quotes!

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  • Impaired Risk
  • Already Have An Existing Life Insurance
  • New to Life Insurance

Impaired Risk:

If you have previously been charged high rates, or declined altogether for life insurance, then you have come to the right place and may be pleasantly surprised! 

Broadly speaking, people with higher mortality risk due to health issues, are labeled "Impaired Risk." Impaired risk life insurance is defined differently and approached differently by each life insurance company. Since I am an independent agent, my team has the ability to impartially shop pricing with the various insurance companies allowing me to deliver the best rates with top insurance carriers for my client’s individual circumstances. With that said, we can't always get everybody approved (such as cases with active cancer, suicide attempts, etc.) with traditional life insurance and for those cases we offer other types of alternative life insurance policies that are Guaranteed Issue.  

Already Have An Existing Life Insurance Policy?

As an “Independent” Insurance Agent I can provide a second opinion on your existing insurance policies, similar to getting a second doctor’s opinion on a medical issue. It is a smart idea to have your existing policies reviewed annually (especially in later years) since some insurance policies may get outdated and/or your needs may have changed since the time you originally signed up for your existing insurance policies a while back.

You want to make sure you are still meeting all your objectives and also to check to see if you had any major changes in your life that may affect your new expectations. Some examples of major changes could be:

•         Birth or adoption of a child
•         Deaths, Divorces and Marriages
•         Employment, career, or income changes
•         Sale or purchase of a home
•         Taking on the care of a parent or relative
•         Planning or nearing retirement
•         Planning for a child’s education or wedding
•         Starting or selling a business
•         Tax-law changes

Some other additional reasons to review policies annually may be:

•         Your needs have changed since your original policy was purchased and you now need to build cash value within your policy.

•         You may want to change to “permanent” life insurance to have your policy last your entire life if you originally only purchased a “term" life insurance policy. (Term polices are only designed for specific set number of years such as 10 years, 20 years, etc.)

•         You want to add living benefits within a new life insurance policy (Living benefits can include chronic, critical, and terminal illness riders; some of which may be included at no additional charge depending on the new policy chosen.)

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New to Life Insurance?

Some people may ask these two similar questions about life insurance:

1) Why should I buy something I may never need?

People hope never to have to file a claim on their homeowner's or auto insurance, but that doesn't stop them from owning coverage that protects them in case of the real risk that a catastrophe may happen and they may need the coverage. Well the same is true for life insurance. The financial risks are too high to leave loved ones unprotected by not having life insurance at all, or even just by not having enough coverage. No matter how well you provide for your family today, if you don’t have life insurance their financial future may be at risk. Think about what would happen if you were gone! Would they struggle to pay the bills and face an uncertain future? They really don’t have to! You can help guarantee those you love $250,000, $500,000 or even a $1,000,000 or more, as an instant tax free estate through purchasing life insurance now.

2) Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

Nobody wants to leave their family unprepared for the future. Planning now can help protect the promise of your family's future. A life insurance policy can “create an instant estate” to help protect your dependents financially after you are no longer around to provide for them.

Just a few reasons why you should consider life insurance:

  • To replace lost income of a wage earner
  • To pay off your mortgage and/or other outstanding debt
  • To pay for final expenses
  • To pay for estate taxes
  • To provide funds for an emergency fund
  • To provide funds for future home maintenance
  • To help fund your children’s education
  • To care for a Special Needs Child
  • To assist in equalizing inheritance
  • For spousal coverage
  • For business needs:
    •   Buy-Sell Agreements
    •   Business Continuation Insurance
    •   Key Employee Insurance
  • Tax Free Death Benefits to Beneficiaries (In most cases)
  • Tax Free Loans from Cash Value (With Permanent Policies)
  • Tax Deferred Growth on Cash Value (With Permanent Policies)

Types of Life Insurance:

There are many types of Life Insurance too numerous to list here, but most of them fall under two basic kinds of Life Insurance: Temporary and Permanent.

  • Temporary life insurance is commonly known as "Term" insurance because just as the name implies it provides a death benefit for a specified number of years, such as ten, twenty, or even thirty years, etc.  
    • There is also a new type of Term insurance with living benefits, that may provide money for a chronic illness, critical illness, and terminal illness. This new type of term life insurance provides an extra level of protection with living benefits and death benefits all in one life insurance solution. Click here for a little more info.

  • Permanent life insurance can provide guaranteed lifetime protection as long as the necessary premiums are paid. (Or a UL policy may be set up to a specific age limit, such as age 90 for example, to keep premiums lower.) In addition to providing a death benefit, permanent life insurance may accumulate cash value, and you then have the ability to access cash that has accumulated, in the form of loans and withdraws after a certain period of time. Permanent life insurance has many different types that fall under this category. Typical examples include Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal, and Index Universal Life. Other variations include Guaranteed Issue Graded Benefit Life in which applicants are 1Guaranteed to be issued a policy if they are between the ages of 40 and 80. Meaning no medical questions or examinations are needed to be approved. Applicants can't be turned down due to their medical history. Contact me for more details.

    1. Disclaimer: 
    Policy issue ages may vary depending on the individual insurance company's requirements. An individual that is a patient or resident in any form of health care or nursing home facility is not eligible for this type coverage. Other factors that make an individual not eligible could be: If an individual is not of sound mind, or an individual is incarcerated, on parole, or on probation. 

Why Do Some Consumers Procrastinate Buying Life Insurance?

Many people are likely to delay the purchase of life insurance or additional life insurance for several reasons, just a few of which are:

  1. They just don't understand what type of life insurance to purchase or how much coverage they actually need. Some people think it is just too complicated. 

  • Response: A couple of the most important parts of buying life insurance is determining how much you need, and the type of life insurance. I provide a "Free Needs Analysis" service to help you determine the type of insurance and your actual coverage needs. If you are local, I can come right to your home or business to make it as convenient as possible for you. If you are out of the area, I can discuss with you by phone. 
    Click Here to get started with a "Free Needs Analysis" as your first step to providing protection for your loved ones!

  1. Some folks may feel they have other current financial priorities and think they can't afford Life Insurance at the present time, which is a very scary short sighted point of view that may come back to haunt their loved ones should the insured pass away unexpectedly before they felt Life Insurance was a priority to purchase. 

  • Response: Many people overlook the bigger picture when determining if they can afford life insurance. They are concerned with their immediate outlay for premiums versus the bigger picture of the benefits that life insurance can provide for their loved ones when they are no longer able to provide for them. For example, if a family is living from paycheck to paycheck, how would their family survive losing the breadwinner's income or in a more typical situation losing just one of the two income providers? With life insurance, it gives you piece of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of financially in your permanent absence. One other thing to keep in mind: If you truly can't afford the full amount of life insurance coverage that is recommended, you should at least start with a smaller amount of life insurance coverage now. Since you should be able to add more life insurance later on, depending on your health, etc. That way your loved ones will at least have some coverage, rather than nothing at all.

  1. They don't think it is a necessary thing to start the process now. So why now?

  • Response: Because changes in health happen (often unexpectedly and suddenly), which can make it impossible for you to obtain coverage later on, or at the very least cost you a lot more if you do even happen to still qualify for approval. Or worse yet, an unexpected accident or other catastrophic event causing death happens before you get life insurance. Then the people most important to you will not have the financial protection you desired them to have in your absence!

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Free Life Insurance Quotes Available

As An Independent Agent From The Following Companies:1

Accordia Life (Global Atlantic)
Allianz Life Insurance Company of NA

American-Amicable Life Insurance of TX
American Continental Insurance Company
American Community Mutual Insurance
American Memorial Life Insurance Company
American Fidelity Assurance Company
American General Life Insurance Company (AIG)
The American Home Life Insurance Company
American National Insurance Company
American United Life Insurance Company
Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Aurora National Life Assurance Company
Aviva Life and Annuity Company
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
Baltimore Life Insurance Company
Banner Life Insurance Company (Legal & General America)
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
Brighthouse Life Insurance Company

Centrian Life Insurance
Columbian Life Insurance Company
Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company
Columbus Life Insurance Company
Companion Life (Mutual Of Omaha)

EMC National Life Company
Family Life Insurance Company (Manhattan Life)
Fidelity Life Association

First MetLife Investors Insurance Co
Foresters Financial
Forethought Life Insurance (Global Atlantic)

Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Co
Genworth Life Insurance Company
Gerber Life Insurance Company

Guardian Life Insurance Co of America
Hartford Life and Annuity Insurance Co
Hartford Life Insurance Company
Household Life Insurance Company
Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company
Industrial - Alliance Pacific Insurance
John Hancock Life Insurance Company USA

Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
Lincoln Benefit Life Company
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Madison National Life Insurance Company
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance (Mass Mutual)
MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Midland National Life Insurance Company
Minnesota Life Insurance Company (Securian)
MTL Insurance Company
Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company (Kemper)

National Guardian Life Insurance Company
National Life Insurance Company

National Western Life Insurance Company
Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Co
New York Life Insurance Company
North American Company for Life & Health Insurance
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Occidental Life Ins Co of North Carolina
Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation
OneAmerica (The State Life Insurance Company)

Oxford Life Insurance Company
Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Co, Ltd.
Pacific Life Insurance Company
Pan-American Life Insurance Company
The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
Presidential Life Insurance Company
Primerica Life Insurance Company
Principal Life Insurance Company
Principal National Life Insurance Company
Protective Life & Annuity Insurance Company
Protective Life Insurance Company
Provident Life and Accident Assurance
Pruco Life Insurance Company (Prudential Financial)
The Reliable Life Insurance Company (Kemper)

Royal Neighbors of America
Sagicor Life Insurance Company
Savings Bank Life Insurance Co of MA (SBLI)
Securian Life Insurance Company
Starmount Life Insurance Co.
Stonebridge Life Insurance Company
Sunset Life Insurance Company of America
Symetra Life Insurance Company
TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Co
Transamerica Life Insurance Company
Trustmark Insurance Company

Union Central Life Insurance Company
The Union Labor Life Insurance Company
Union National Life Insurance Company (Kemper)
United Heritage Life Insurance Company

United Home Life Insurance Company
United Insurance Company of America (Kemper)
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company (Mutual Of Omaha)
Voya ReliaStar Life Insurance Company
Western-Southern Life Assurance Company
William Penn Life Insurance Co of NY (Legal & General America)

1. Not all choices available in all states. Available carriers are subject to change without notice.