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I found this informative MarketWatch article about Medicare by Alessandra Malito and thought I’d share it. 

Gist is:

  • Medicare can be very confusing to seniors!
  • No one told me! (It is assumed that since Medicare is a government program that there should be people out there to tell you how to use it.) Hint: Find an experienced independent insurance agent that specializes in Medicare, such as myself!
  • Sign up for Medicare at the correct time or you may get steep penalties.
  • Understand that as long as you have continuous credible group coverage through your employer, generally you don’t need to sign up for Medicare right at age 65 to avoid penalties. However for employers with fewer than 20 employees, generally you have to get Medicare because small employer plans become secondary and Medicare becomes the primary player.
  • Understand and use the Medicare coverage you have. Also understand what is not covered, such as Long Term Care, for example.

For more information, click on web link below read entire article.

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