The Cost Of Long Term Care In Your State

This Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article by Anne Tergesen has some good information and a link to a Genworth web site that show the costs of Long Term Care in your local state.

One interesting excerpt is: "According to academics at Georgetown and Penn State universities, about 70% of individuals 65 and older will need long-term care—whether at home or in an assisted-living facility or nursing home. On average, women need 3.7 years of care, while men need 2.2 years. For 11% of men and 28% of women, the duration is five or more years.”

The article goes on to mention what the nationwide average costs of different types of care are such as: home health aide, adult day care, assisted living, and a private room in a nursing home. Keep in mind that prices vary according to your location which may cost more or less than the national average. To help, they also supply a web link to see prices in your local state. Also pasted below.

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If you want to go directly to the Genworth website, I also pasted the link below.

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