Long Term Care Insurance: Weighing the Alternatives

A Wall Street Journal article by Charles Passy explaining some of the alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance. I particularly like the first line of the article. "Long-term-care insurance is the financial equivalent of gum surgery: something that is often seemingly necessary, but just as often avoided at all costs." However, I tend to like some of the hybrid policy options that I can offer as an alternative to a straight and pure Long Term Care Insurance policy. There are many benefits to the hybrid (also known as blended) policies, including that the premiums won't go up unexpectedly and if you don't use the long term care benefit in your lifetime, it is payable to your beneficiaries so the money you paid is not lost, etc. I also carry straight Long Term Care Insurance policies as well for those that prefer to go the traditional route since one size does not fit all, as they say. Contact me if you have questions. Click on link below to read more.


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