5 Defensive Moves To Protect Your Money & Wealth

I was reading a MarketWatch article by Liz Miller regarding five defensive moves to protect your money & wealth and thought I would share it.

One of her five tips is to consider long term care insurance.

Consider long-term care insurance:1

Studies indicate that at least one member of every couple living today is likely to need some kind of long-term medical assistance. Many people have the means to pay these expenses out of their wealth savings, but for many others, a long-term stay in a luxury care facility - due to dementia or some other debilitating condition - can derail their lifestyle or legacy goals.1

If you have any medical conditions or family history that make you particularly vulnerable to health risks, or you do not have the means to cover these costs, consider long-term care insurance options. This is relatively inexpensive insurance to add prior to age 50, but it can get pricey later in life.1 

For the rest of her tips, click on web link below to read the full article:


1. Source: MarketWatch article by Liz Miller - Published: Mar 5, 2018 4:12 p.m. ET

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