No Such Thing As Rent Control At Many Elder Facilities

Thought I’d share an interesting Hearld-Tribune article by Barbara Peters Smith regarding assisted living facilities and their rent increases. That part of the contract may often be overlooked in the fine print when transitioning into an assisted living facility.

The article states that the assisted living facilities can raise the monthly rental fee as much as they like, as often as they like, and the only thing that Florida law requires is that they give a 30 notice, in writing. The articles goes on to mention that even though assisted living facilities are regulated by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, they don’t get any where near the scrutiny that nursing homes do, nor do they play by the same rules. 

Additionally, the article states that AHCA does have this advice on its website:
"Check the contract to see if the rate is guaranteed, for how long, and under what conditions a contract or residency agreement can be changed or ended. If you are given a verbal guarantee, be sure to get it in writing."

Click on link below to read entire article:

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