Taking Social Security Too Soon Can Cost You

I recently read some interesting articles from both CNBC and U.S. News regarding taking Social Security too early and how it can affect you. I thought I’d share the articles.

Basically everybody's circumstances are different and when you should start taking Social Security is based on many factors. They suggested that it is best to contact a financial advisor to help you decide well in advance before making any decisions.

One excerpt from the U.S. News article by Emily Brandon:
"Your Social Security benefit increases by approximately 7 percent each year you delay taking it from age 62 to 66 and by 8 percent a year until age 70, Kotlikoff found.“

Click on the web links below for each of the articles you would like to read.

Retirees pay for claiming Social Security too early


When to file for Social Security retirement benefits early


Taking Social Security Too Soon Can Cost You


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