Find A Great Nursing Home Before You Need One!

I read this helpful Herald-Tribune article regarding finding a great nursing home by Barbara Peters Smith and thought I’d share it.

Most nursing home stays are a result of sudden and unexpected hospitalization, when people don’t really have the time to research, or have the knowledge to shop around for a facility that will fit their needs the best. If you do some research well ahead of time, it can make a huge difference in making your (or your loved one’s) stay much better.

There are many things to consider such as, but not limited to: the lack of staffing, the care of the staffing, the food, the housekeeping of the facility, the costs, the noise, the existing patients, and the location of the facility, etc.

Those who that take time to research their options ahead of time, and are able to choose a facility in advance, tend to be happier with their choice then for example a nursing home assigned to them by a case worker.

The state's website,, is actually a good place to start your search. Click on nursing homes, and you can learn about and compare places that are close to home. Then actually take a tour of the facilities yourself personally.

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