Should You Care That Bernanke Owns Annuities?

A Wall Street Journal article by Stan Haithcock mentioned that even Ben Bernanke owns annuities! Some may or may not like Ben and it also goes on to say though that there is a predictable argument on both sides on whether annuities are good or bad. 

Annuities, just as with any investment, one size doesn't fit all. Meaning annuities can be very good investments for some people, but they don't fit everybody's investment strategies, nor are they meant to. Investments should be customized around your individual needs and circumstances. Just like it states in the article, "Annuities can contractually solve for specific problems like lifetime income or legacy. They are not magic portfolio pills or one size fits all panaceas. Ask yourself what you want your money to realistically solve for, then see if an annuity can contractually guarantee that solution. That common sense strategy requires no endorsements, or name dropping.”  

Unfortunately the original web link is no longer available, but is listed now as the source.


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