President Obama Proposed Budget Changes To Medicare 

In this New York Times article dated February 2, 2015 by Robert Pear, it mentions that President Obama's new proposed budget changes to Medicare could significantly increase out of pocket costs to Medicare beneficiaries.

The article goes on to give an example that the president’s proposal would introduce a co-payment for new Medicare beneficiaries who receive home health care services, and they would collect $4 billion over 10 years by imposing a surcharge on premiums for new beneficiaries who buy generous private insurance to supplement Medicare.

Some have concerns about certain proposals that could shift costs onto older Americans, such as higher premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for Medicare beneficiaries.

Another important item mentioned that this proposal would cut $43 billion over 10 years from the projected growth of federal payments to Medicare managed-care plans, known as Medicare Advantage plans.

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